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The Credit Union That’s Breaking All the Rules: Garden Savings FCU Exposed

Hello, financial enthusiasts! Ever come across a credit union that genuinely welcomes everyone? Today, we’re diving deep into Garden Savings FCU, a game-changer in the credit union world. But first, a burning question: Have you ever felt left out because of membership restrictions at other credit unions? Share your experiences in the comments section below! And if today’s topic excites you as much as it does me, don’t forget to give this article a thumbs up and light up the comments with your thoughts and a fire emoji 🔥. Your support helps spread this content to more like-minded readers. Let’s dive in!


🌟 Open Membership at Garden Savings FCU

  • Garden Savings FCU offers an open membership that caters to builders, rebuilders, and those with established credit.
  • They’re committed to helping individuals build and rebuild their credit.
  • A small donation to ACC grants you membership access, but stay tuned till the end to learn how to get a free ACC membership forever!

💡 Key Data Points

  • Garden Savings FCU exclusively pulls from Experian for credit products.
  • They don’t hard pull for membership but will check your ChexSystems report.
  • Ensure your ChexSystems report is unfrozen before applying, or you’ll face instant denial.
  • The credit union is sensitive to Chex systems inquiries, so be cautious if you’ve had multiple credit union applications.

🚀Credit Card Offerings

  • Garden Savings FCU offers three distinct credit cards: Premier Rate Mastercard, CashBack Plus Mastercard, and Green Premier Rate Mastercard.
  • Each card comes with unique benefits and features, from low fixed rates to rewards programs.
  • Mastercard holders at Garden Savings enjoy a plethora of benefits, including Cellular Wireless Telephone Protection, Mastercard AirportConcierge™, and more.

🌈 Premier Rate Mastercard Details

  • This card offers enhanced purchasing power, a competitively low fixed rate, and no hidden costs.
  • There’s no annual fee, and you can avoid finance charges by paying your balance in full within 25 days.
  • Enjoy free balance transfers and cash advances with this card.

💳 CashBack Plus Mastercard Details

  • This card lets you earn 1 point for every $1 spent, redeemable for gifts, travel discounts, gift cards, and cash back.
  • It offers a variable rate based on your creditworthiness and the Prime Rate.
  • Just like the Premier Rate Mastercard, there’s no annual fee and a grace period of 25 days.

📈 Pricing & Terms

  • Both cards have specific interest rates and charges effective as of 03/31/2022.
  • They offer various transaction and penalty fees, with some unique features like the Rush Card Fee.
  • It’s crucial to understand the “average daily balance” method they use to calculate your balance.

And there we have it! A comprehensive look into Garden Savings FCU and how it’s revolutionizing the credit union space. Now, as promised, here’s the secret to getting a free ACC membership forever: [Share the secret]. So, after this deep dive, are you considering joining Garden Savings FCU? Share your thoughts in the comments below! And remember, every like and comment helps push this content to more individuals. Let’s grow this community together! Until next time, stay informed and keep making smart financial decisions!

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