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Unlock the Secrets: How ANYONE Can Join a Credit Union in 2023

Hey there, financial enthusiasts! Have you ever felt the sting of rejection from a credit union you were eager to join? Well, today’s your lucky day. I’m about to reveal three incredible hacks that can help you become a member of almost any credit union, even if you don’t meet the typical criteria. Stick around, and you might just discover the key to unlocking those exclusive credit union benefits!

πŸ™ The Worship or Volunteer Path

  • Most credit unions offer membership based on worship or volunteering.
  • Living nearby and commuting for worship or volunteering can qualify you.
  • Verification might include contribution receipts or volunteer records.
  • Attending a worship service or volunteering locally can be your gateway.

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ The American Consumer Council Program

  • The ACC is a non-profit promoting consumer education and financial literacy.
  • ACC membership can be your ticket to numerous credit unions.
  • Membership costs $15 for a lifetime, but with the promo code “CONSUMER”, it’s FREE!
  • Always check for updates and share your experiences in the comments.

πŸ’ͺ Financial Fitness Membership – Your Key to Success!

  • For just $8.00, gain a one-year membership filled with financial resources.
  • Some credit unions might even cover your first year’s dues.
  • Access to over 25+ credit unions with this membership.
  • Stay tuned for deep dives into credit score requirements, credit limits, and more.

πŸŽ‰ Bonus Tips for the Loyal Fans!

  • Some credit unions are open for anyone to join.
  • Denied membership? Request a reconsideration process involving credit union supervisors.
  • Persistence and knowledge are your best allies.

πŸš€ Wrapping it Up

The world of credit unions is vast and filled with opportunities. With these hacks, you can navigate your way into any credit union and enjoy the exclusive benefits they offer. And as promised, here’s a comprehensive list of credit unions you can join with ACC and Financial Fitness memberships. Dive in, explore, and let’s achieve financial success together!

List of Credit Unions with AMERICAN CONSUMER ASSOCIATION (ACC) Membership:

Credit Union NameState(s)Website
Allegacy FCUNC
Americas Credit UnionWA
American Broadcast Employees FCUCT, NY, NJ, PA,
Ameri CUNY
Credit Human Credit
Credit Union of AmericaKS (In branch only)
Credit Union of New Jersey (BMO)
Department of Commerce FCUDC
Digital FCU (DCU)
Farmers Insurance FCUCA
Financial Partners Credit UnionCA
Financial Resources Credit
Green State Credit Union (Call)IA, IL, SD,
Great Rivers
Lafayette FCUMD,VA,
Mountain America Credit
National Institutes of Health FCU (with ACC)DC
New England
New Vision Credit
Security Plus FCUMD
Skyla /Parsons FCUCA, VA,NC SC
Spectra Credit
State Department FCU (ACC)VA, DC VA
Superior Choice Credit
Signature Credit
University Federal Credit

List of Credit Unions with FINANCIAL FITNESS ASSOCIATION Membership:

Credit Union NameWebsite
Barksdale Federal Credit
Bayou Federal Credit
Chevron Federal Credit
CommonWealth Central Credit
FAST Federal Credit
First Eagle Federal Credit
First Tech Federal Credit
Fort Financial Federal Credit
Great River Federal Credit
Heritage Community Credit
KeyPoint Credit
Kitsap Credit
LBS Financial Credit
Meriwest Credit
My Credit
New England Federal Credit
Park Community Credit
Patelco Credit
People First Federal Credit
Redstone Federal Credit
Safe America Credit
San Diego County Credit
San Mateo Credit
Service Credit
Sierra Central Credit
Spectrum Credit
SRI Federal Credit
Technology Credit
UNCLE Credit
Valley Strong Credit
Workers Credit

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