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How to Earn $200/Day with Your Cat as Natural Pest Control

Are you looking for a unique and potentially lucrative side hustle? If you’re a cat owner, your furry friend could be your ticket to a substantial daily income. Cats aren’t just adorable companions—they’re also natural-born hunters, making them perfect for a business in pest control. Here’s how you can turn your cat into a money-making asset.

The Concept: Cats as Pest Controllers

Cats have been valued for their hunting skills for centuries. In modern times, these skills can be harnessed in a unique business model—renting out cats for natural pest control. Whether it’s a restaurant, hotel, motel, or private residence, many places suffer from rodent problems, and not everyone wants to use harsh traps or poisons. This is where your cat comes in.

Setting Up Your Cat Rental Business

1. Assess Your Resources:

Start by evaluating how many cats you have and their hunting capabilities. Remember, not all cats are interested in hunting, so it’s important to understand each of your cats’ behaviors and preferences.

2. Establish a Daily Rate:

For my own business, I charge up to $220 per day for each cat. This rate can vary depending on your location, the demand for pest control, and the proven effectiveness of your cats.

3. Add Performance Bonuses:

To enhance the deal, I offer a bonus system—$25 for every rodent or pest caught by the cats. This not only increases your earnings but also provides tangible proof of effectiveness to your clients.

4. Market Your Service:

Promote your unique service to local businesses and homeowners who are likely to face rodent problems. Restaurants, warehouses, garages, and homes with yards are prime candidates.

How It Works: A Day in the Life

Here’s a typical scenario: a restaurant has a rodent issue in their storage area. You would bring one or more cats to the location in the evening and let them patrol the area. Cats are discreet, quiet, and efficient—ideal qualities for a business that operates primarily at night. You simply place the cats where they are needed, and then return to collect them and any pests they’ve captured after 24 hours.

Benefits of Cat Rental Over Traditional Pest Control:

Humane: Unlike glue traps and poisons, using cats is a natural and less cruel method of controlling pests.

Effective: Cats are stealthy and effective hunters. Their presence alone can deter pests from settling in an area.

Eco-friendly: No chemicals or non-biodegradable materials are involved, making this a green option.

Tips for Success

Cat Welfare: Always prioritize the safety and well-being of your cats. Make sure they are comfortable with travel and are healthy.

Legal Considerations: Check local regulations regarding animal rental services to ensure you comply with all laws and ethical guidelines.

Customer Relations: Maintain good relationships with your clients. Be professional, punctual, and transparent with your services and pricing.


Expanding Your Business

Once you establish a solid client base and a reliable routine, consider expanding your services. More cats can be brought into the business, or you might diversify into other natural pest control methods. Networking with local cat rescues could also provide a continuous stream of potential new hires, especially for those looking to provide foster homes with a purpose.

Starting a cat rental service for natural pest control is not just a way to earn money—it’s also a contribution to more humane and environmentally friendly pest management solutions. So, if you have a cat or two and are looking for a side hustle, consider this unique opportunity. It’s not every day that you hear about someone making a fortune by leasing out cats, but in the world of entrepreneurial ventures, it’s certainly one of the more charming stories.

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