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Earn Big Helping Houston: 20 Side Hustles to Profit Over $10,000 Post-Tornado

In the wake of the devastating tornadoes that hit Houston, leaving widespread damage and power outages, many are looking for ways to assist in the recovery efforts while also earning an income. Here are 20 side hustle ideas that not only help those affected by the storm but also provide you with a way to make money.

1. Emergency Clean-Up Services

Offer clean-up services to remove debris, fallen trees, and damaged household items from properties.

2. Portable Generator Rentals

Rent out portable generators to households and businesses without power.

3. Temporary Roof Repair

Provide quick-fix services like tarping roofs to prevent further water damage.

4. Transportation Services

Offer rides to those who need to relocate or visit essential services like hospitals or supply stores.

5. Delivery Services

Deliver groceries, water, and essentials, especially to those who are elderly, disabled, or otherwise unable to venture out.

6. Mobile Charging Stations

Set up mobile stations where people can charge electronic devices critical for communication.

7. Temporary Childcare

Offer childcare services for families busy with cleanup and recovery efforts.

8. Pet Care Services

Provide temporary housing and care for pets for families whose homes are damaged.

9. Home Inspection Services

Offer to inspect homes for storm-related damages and safety hazards.

10. Sell Home Repair Supplies

Set up a booth selling necessary home repair supplies directly in affected neighborhoods.

11. Insurance Claim Assistance

Help residents navigate the complexities of filing insurance claims.

12. Document Recovery and Preservation

Offer services to recover and preserve water-damaged documents or photographs.

13. First Aid Booths

Set up temporary first aid booths to provide basic medical care for minor injuries.

14. Tool Rental Services

Rent out tools needed for home repair and cleanup, such as chainsaws, hammers, and nails.

15. Furniture and Appliance Repair

Offer repair services for furniture and appliances damaged by the storm.

16. Flood Water Removal

Provide water extraction services for homes that have experienced flooding.

17. Mold Remediation Services

Offer mold removal services to prevent health hazards post-flooding.

18. Window Boarding and Replacement

Provide boarding services for broken windows and glass, and eventually offer replacement services.

19. Counseling Services

Offer or organize free or low-cost counseling services for victims dealing with trauma.

20. Handyman Services

Provide general handyman services to fix various storm-related damages around homes.

Starting a side hustle in response to a natural disaster can be a meaningful way to contribute to recovery efforts. Not only do these activities provide necessary services to those in need, but they also allow entrepreneurs to sustain themselves financially during challenging times. If you’re planning to travel to Houston to assist, consider these side hustles that can make a significant difference in the lives of many.

For those ready to help and earn, these side hustles could be your start to making a tangible impact in Houston’s recovery from this catastrophic event.

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