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Claim Your $500 Visa Card And 7% APY at OnPath Federal Credit Union

Welcome to our latest financial deep dive! Today, we’re exploring OnPath Federal Credit Union and how you can take advantage of their lucrative checking accounts and referral programs. Whether you’re looking for a new banking home or ways to boost your income through savvy financial moves, OnPath FCU offers exciting opportunities.

Joining OnPath FCU

Anyone, anywhere can join OnPath Federal Credit Union with a simple $5 donation to the OnPath Foundation. This small act not only gives you access to exceptional financial products but also supports community initiatives. To become a member or to make a further donation, you can contact them directly at 504-733-7274.

Reward Checking Options

OnPath FCU doesn’t just offer standard checking accounts; they provide options that can significantly increase your earnings:
1. **7% APY High Yield Checking Account** – Earn an incredible 7% APY on balances up to $10,000.
2. **5% Cash Back Checking Account** – Get 5% cash back on up to $200 in debit card purchases per month, which could mean an extra $10 in your pocket each month just for using your debit card.

Qualifying for Rewards

To reap these rewards, you’ll need to meet some straightforward monthly requirements:
– Log in to online or mobile banking.
– Enroll in and receive e-statements.
– Complete at least 15 debit card purchases that post and settle.

These steps ensure that you not only manage your finances efficiently but also maximize your potential earnings from these accounts.

Credit Card Options

Whether you’re rebuilding your credit or looking for premium card benefits, OnPath FCU has a Visa Platinum card for you. They offer everything from secured cards, which are great for building or repairing credit, to rewards cards that maximize your purchases with points, cash back, and other perks.

Referral Bonuses

One of the most exciting offers is the OnPath FCU’s ReferLive referral program. You and your friends can each earn a $100 Visa Reward Card when they sign up and meet simple requirements like making ten debit card transactions and setting up a direct deposit of at least $250. There’s a potential to earn up to $500 annually through referrals alone!

Take Advantage of This Quick $500 Opportunity

To make the most of this opportunity, I recommend joining using a referral link from someone who has already signed up. By using a referral link, you’ll instantly qualify for a $100 bonus, rather than joining directly through the website. To facilitate this and make the most of this opportunity, feel free to post your ReferLive links in the comments below. Make sure to come back and let others know once you’ve reached your 5 referrals. This will help keep our community informed and supportive of each other’s progress!

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