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$25,000 City of Carson Small Business Grant Program


Grant Amount: $25,000


The Everett Forward Grant Program offers one-time grants to businesses and other eligible applicants with innovative solutions to move Everett’s economy forward. 

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on Everett’s economy are broad and differ significantly across businesses, industries and neighborhoods. The Everett Forward Grant Program is designed with equity, creativity and community empowerment at its forefront.

Everett’s economic recovery requires creativity and collaboration across the entire city. Whether you’re a small business, sole proprietor or nonprofit: if your organization has been negatively impacted by the pandemic and has a program or project that will help move Everett forward, we want to hear from you. 


The deadline is on February 28, 2023.


To be eligible for this grant, you must meet the following:
  • Your organization was open in Everett before March 2020.

  • If awarded a grant, your organization must be licensed by the City of Everett. If you do not have an Everett business license, you can apply for one and write “applied” on your Everett Forward Grant application.

  • Your organization must be either: (1) a small business with less than 500 employees or (2) a 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(19) nonprofit organization. The term “small business” includes corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships and other business entities.

  • Prove that your organization has suffered economic loss due to COVID-19 and that the Everett Forward Grant would help your organization recover from these losses.

  • Whether brick-and-mortar or home-based, your organization must be located within Everett city limits. Or, if not located in Everett city limits, it must primarily serve the people of Everett.

  • Your organization cannot be a national chain.

  • If applicable, all city taxes and fees must be paid and current.

  • Your organization cannot be facing any pending litigation or legal action.

  • Your organization does not have unresolved state or city compliance or regulatory issues.

  • Your project will be completed by 12/31/2023. More time may be allowed for certain projects. Please indicate on your application if your proposed project will extend in 2024. 

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