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$10,000 Embracing Equity Grant


Grant Amount: $10,000

Women’s empowerment business grant up to $10,000 in funding.

How to apply:

  • Submit your form application 
  • Following submission of this form, an email containing your specific voting link will be sent to you. This voting link is essential for step 3.
  • Post the following information on your company’s Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn page (do not use a story as your submission post; doing so will result in disqualification):
  • #FinimpactGrant4Women and your special voting link that you were sent to your email (or with your link in your Instagram bio) – This crucial step enables our team to see your post.
  • Please State:
    • What your business does (up to 50 words)
    • How you plan to use the prize money (up to 50 words)
  • Share your post to your followers and customers and ask them to vote for your business. Individuals can only vote for a business one time. The post can either be written or a video, though videos are strongly encouraged!


Application deadline: May 1, 2023


To be eligible for this grant, you answer the following questions:

  • To be considered for the grant, the applicant and their business must meet the following eligibility criteria:

    • Women-run and women-owned impact-driven businesses: 
      • At least one of the business’s founders must be a woman 
      • Or a woman/multiple women must be the largest shareholder(s) of founder equity (not total equity) in the business or own a share at least equal to that of her/their male co-founder(s) 
      • Or own a share at least equal to that of her/their male co-founder(s).
    • The business has fewer than 99 employees (Sole Proprietorships or Individually Owned LLC’s are considered employees.)
    • The applicant must fill one of the main leadership positions, for example:CEO, COO, CTO, General Manager, or Managing Director of the business.
    • The applicant must be at least 18 years of age on the day of the application deadline (April 30, 2023).
    • The Applicant must be an American Citizen. 
    • The Applicant must have a good command of the English language both verbal and written.
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